Please help us keep our community active and healthy! Your donation will help us build a new, safe gymnastics facility where all ages can gather to get fit, stay healthy, and have fun.

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Welcome to Calico Gymnastics Club

Located at 1908 4th Ave Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Our focus is to develop the foundation of physical literacy in our youth. We provide a safe environment for gymnasts to develop their athletic ability.

Physical Benefits

  • An increase in muscular strength and endurance
  • Balance, agility and flexibility
  • Stronger bones
  • Core strength development

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Healthy lifestyle and nutritional eating
  • A confident self-image and a positive attitude towards their bodies

Life Skill Benefits

  • Confidence, determination, goal setting and self-discipline
  • Learning to cope with stress and overcome fears

Other Benefits

  • Being able to do super cool flips and freaking out all your friends!
  • Beating all your cousins arm wrestling
  • Six packs :)

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Social Feed

"Walking a balance beam, 4 inches wide and 4 feet high, teaches young [gymnasts] to concentrate on where [they] are going in life. [They] quickly learn how to put [their] foot down and when to leap for [their] dreams"
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