Even though we are in our new building, we still have 20 years of mortgage payments ahead of us and fundraisers play a big role in our building, equipment needs, and day to day operations, so we can't stop completely.

Calico has made the decision to try something new as our main yearly fundraiser this year. This new fundrasier is the Victory Scratch Card. This is our main and only mandatory fundraiser.

This is what we ask of you:
Recreational Families: $115.00 for the entire 2018-2019 season per family. This can be achieved in two ways:

Competitive families: $230.00 for the entire 2018-2019 season per family. This can be achieved in two ways:

Tickets should be picked up the first week of classes.

Additional cards are available for purchase from the Calico office for those that would like to participate over and above the requirements stated above.

Calico also does three seasonal fundraisers during the year. During the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions we do extra fundraisers to assist in keeping fees low and assist with maintenance of the building and equipment as well as to allow us to continue to add new equipment that will help make our classes even better!

We strongly encourage all members to participate in the fundraisers that come up during their session(s). Every little bit helps.

Fall Session we participate in a Mom’s Pantry fundraiser. These items are anticipated by our past customers year after year. And with a 20-40% kickback per item this fundraiser has the potential to raise thousands of dollars for the club. Items arrive just in time for Christmas holidays!

Winter Session we run a Cheesecake fundraiser through our local Co-Op. This is another delicious fundraiser and the cakes arrive in time for Easter. So Easter supper dessert is taken care of!

Spring Session we don’t currently have a set fundraiser and always welcome any great fundraising options from members.

Calico also has an ongoing fundraiser through Mabel’s Labels. So anytime you are in need of Labels you can order them here and have your order benefit the club!

We also have some events that we run to increase our fundraising amounts. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible and with a little help from everyone we can continue to do so. These events are run by our Competitive Parent Volunteers and/or Board Members, Coaches and our Administrator. Our events through the year are:

We also take on other small things that come up throughout the year that will raise funds for the club. These events are generally manned by our Board Members, Administrator and sometimes Competitive Parent Volunteers.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors: